I’ve looked at some conversions on the market and they require the gas to stand outside or be removed from inside the vehicle, do Coffee Latino have an alternative?

Yes! Under NO circumstances should your gas bottle have to stand outside or even be removed from the vehicle, sit under the vehicle or go through the front window and sit in the cab, any conversion using these methods is not only is this highly dangerous but going against the manufacturer’s clear instructions for use. If you inform your council you want to trade with a bottle of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) bottle on the pavement expect to be told a firm ‘no’, If you are advised to put the bottle in the front cab not only is this extremely dangerous but it’s where the electrics are for the vehicle and worst of all the ignition where any gas leak in there and the consequences could be disastrous. All our LPG conversions are built in to the vehicle don’t require flexi hoses running across the vehicle, and are totally self contained. We use a refillable gas tank, in Just the same way as filling your vehicle at a filling station. For a safer, cleaner, cheaper and legally certified conversion ring Coffee Latino the mobile coffee and food experts.