Electric engine Piaggio APE 50!

We are delighted to supply Leicester University https://le.ac.uk¬†with a brand new electric engine Piaggio APE 50 gull wing. Super simple to drive and far more powerful than the traditional petrol engine it’s the ultimate eco-friendly Piaggio van! With a range of 40km and only taking 3.5 hours to recharge from flat it’s a great way to drive around campus and local miles. We have converted the van to have a 2 group Rancillio coffee machine to run from mains electric, with a few extras such as LED lighting, wall racking, an extra sink, a cup holder all at the clients request. See if we could help you:¬†https://www.coffeelatino.co.uk/our-packages/small-coffee-trucks-scooters/piaggio-ape-50-gull-wing/