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Our New Gull Wing Piaggio Ape 50 Coffee Van

Today was a special day for all at Coffee Latino, After 5 months of planning, design and hard work we launched our all New Piaggio Ape 50 Coffee Van.
So why did the Piaggio Ape need to change? Well as quite and quirky as the Piaggio Ape 50 is to look at, ask yourself does it work well?
The 2 main issues we had with the Piaggio Ape 50 is that its just too low, which mean the operator is crouching all day, which is obviously not pleasant and not too good for your back either, and the most obvious is space, well not so much space but workable selling area. So we put to work to change these two issues on the piaggio Ape 50 without taking anything away from the original design.
The result “Coffee Latinos New Gull Wing Piaggio Ape 50 Coffee Van”
From the outside the Piaggio looks exactly the same, although it is about 350mm higher than the original only the trained eye would notice.
But the icing on the cake or the cherry on the top of my bun is the new door design, the Piaggio Ape now opens on all 3 sides – Genius! and the whole surface area of the Piaggio Ape is workable, so what does this mean to you the Piaggio Barista. Well twice as much selling area means extra revenue, Sell so much more from this little Iconic Italian van, Donuts, croissants, Muffins Cookies, in fact the possibilities are endless.
we’ve also added a racking system to the back and roof so you can hang up snacks and pots for sugars – stirrers.
We have fallen in love with this little coffee Van all over again and now the possibilities for this van are endless.
Ok were a Coffee Company but we also realise this vehicle is perfect for so many uses, as a little sandwich van, as a ice cream van, or maybe you fancy yourself as an American hot dog seller with Coffee Latino the possibilities stretch as far as your imagination will let you – we can create any vending Ape you require.