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Coffee Bike Crazy.

Espresso on a bike is really taking off not only in the UK but around the world and with 4 of our famous “On Your Trike” espresso bikes leaving us today we take a closer look at On Your Trike’s Future. Our eco friendly espresso bike/trike is of course the best Coffee Bike available on the Market today –
Coffee Latino have been building mobile espresso solutions for over a decade and not only do we have the skill and knowledge to make your business successful but Coffee Latino have the correct equipment to make great espresso. We have been asked quite a lot this week “how important is a grinder”
The answer is simple – if you dont have a grinder on your bike, van or cart YOUR SERVING STALE COFFEE. Mario Croce MD of Coffee Latino said ” No Grinder, are you kidding me, stale coffee from a jar?”
Not a barista in the world worth his or her salt would ever dream of such a thing! You would be better to serve a jar of instant coffee from the supermarket ! YUK.
So why so important, Coffee is a natural product – that once roasted will taste fantastic for a few weeks after this the coffee begins to lose flavour, Once Ground your coffee is good for about an hour and a half.
No Grinder = Stale Coffee, Fact ! But don’t just take our word for it, ask your local coffee bar or barista training facility.
We will be uploading some videos to show you exactly what we mean by stale coffee so watch this space.