Barista Training

Introduction To Barista Skills

Our Barista Training and Latte Art courses are open to everyone, whether you work in the coffee industry or are just a coffee enthusiast; whether you are a complete coffee novice or want to know a little more about espresso and improve your skills and techniques.

Get your hands dirty! Our Barista training courses are designed to give you chance to learn and practise essential skills including the correct setting of a grinder through to producing the velvety textured milk for latte art known as microfoam.

The course includes:

  • An introduction to Coffee: giving you an insight into a world of Coffee
  • Achieving the perfect espresso exxtraction (including mastering your grinder)
  • Foaming milk for the perfect cappuccino
  • Texturing milk and an introduction to latte art
  • The Barista’s menu
  • Daily care and maintenance of your machine

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