Our Eco Policy

For many years generators were the only power source that were available to the mobile coffee industry… Until now!
Since July 07 Coffee Latino have been trialing a new power supply for our vans… Now, Coffee Latino the UK’s most experienced Mobile Coffee Company have gone green. In response to the nation’s love of the environment and current drive to become greener, Coffee Latino has been working with our local environment agency to provide our customers and their customers with a clean and environmentally friendly alternative. It is this attention to detail that has made us market leader in our field. At Coffee Latino we design and build our mobile cafés to a unique and very high standard, with a view to being practical yet highly impressive to the public.

In a world first for the mobile coffee industry, Coffee Latino has now developed and introduced a clean, silent, energy efficient inverter power system that is completely independent of the vehicle. The new system has low emissions and runs totally silent the whole day long. With our solar powered system and charge controller the benefits to our customers are fantastic and now make the Coffee Latino experience even better.

With ever growing concerns over the future of our planet and the environment, Coffee Latino is continually introducing ways and means of providing cleaner and more efficient methods of producing coffee.

With Solar powered carts and on-board waste systems we make it easier and cheaper for you and better for our planet to run your own business.

We can help guide you all the way when it comes to setting up your cart and providing you with the best knowledge and information needed to get you running smoothly while caring for the environment. So you don’t have to worry about producing carbon footprints in your new business venture, and can be left only to plan and look forward to this exciting time.

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